plesk repair fs doesn't set correct owner inside httpdocs




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    Jerry van Kranenburg

    Do not run this script, it will break your complete plesk installation!

    There is missing a /httpdocs at the end of the chown!

    "chown -R $user.psacln $VHOST_DIR/$domain/httpdocs"

    Otherwise also all logfiles and httpdocs and httpsdocs folder will change and all sites are down.

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    Alexander Tsmokalyuk

    @Jerry We have fixed the script. Thank you for reporting.

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    can run your chown on Cloudlinux:

    Error: chown: ungültiger Benutzer: „+x“


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    Ivan Postnikov



    Step 3 of the resolution was updated. The correct command is:

    # chmod +x

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    Jason Schilling

    Doesn't correct dot files.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Jason, 

    Could you, please, provide used OS, Plesk version and give an example of a file name, which was ignored by script from workaround.

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