How to enable IPv6 addresses on a Plesk server?




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    Luis Zubeldia

    also you must to disable bind lookup for ipv6. please add this howto in the article.

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    Denis Bykov

    Hello @Luis Zubeldia.

    Disabling or enabling BIND lookups for IPv6 is a purely optional step and depends on the exact use case.
    It is not related to enabling IPv6 functionality for the system.

    In order to completely disable BIND lookups for IPv6, it is required to start BIND with "-4" option and enable "filter-aaaa-on-v4" in BIND configuration. It is not recommended by BIND developers though.
    Locations for configuration files where options should be specified may vary depending on the operating system. Please refer to BIND manual and the documentation for the operating system in use.

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