Filesystem quota and SELinux-related questions


2017-03-10 21:28:12 UTC


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Filesystem quota and SELinux-related questions

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux


1. How to preserve quota support across reboots on Plesk and CentOS?

2. What is altering the SELinux context on aquota.user?

3. Does the wrong SELinux context indeed prevent the file system from mounting the quotas with the immutable bit?


1. Once proper SELinux context ( quota_db_t ) is set according to steps from article the file system quota will preserve on system reboots.

2. Immutable flag (i-attribute) is to prevent SELinux context from changing on this file. It is automatically added when a filesystem is mounted with quota support, if quota_db_t context is set on quota files. The SELinux context should not get altered in this case.

3. Yes, it does. To test it, do the following: set, say, samba_share_t context on /home/aquota.user file, configure /home file system for quota support in /etc/fstab , reboot the server and see the user quota supported but disabled. After setting the quota_db_t context back and rebooting the server, user quota will be enabled.

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