Execution of plesk repair mail utility fails: mailsrv_conf_init... not found




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    Following these instructions destroyed the `which` command completely.

    Any instructions on how to fix a missing /bin/which?

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    Ivan Postnikov



    The steps from the resolution recreate the link to /bin/which and there are not steps which may delete /bin/which.

    As a solution for your case, I can suggest installing "which". As an example, for CentOS the command will be:
    # yum install which

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    i get an error when I run the plesk repair mail command:


    ERR [util_exec] proc_close() failed ['/opt/psa/admin/bin/mchk'] with exit code [1

    Checking for: mail_dk_restore ... fail

    Errors occured in mail restore procedure
    Some utilities have exited with errors:

    But I can not find anything in the log files and can not find any instructions in the forum.

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    Yulia Plokhotnikova


    To get additional details about this error, it is required to check /var/log/plesk/panel.log. This error is indeed a new one, it was not reported previously, so it may be required to investigate it on a Plesk side. Consider submitting a support request to Plesk directly or to a reseller, depending on where the license was purchased.

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    Ehud Ziegelman



    On our server, I got:

    root@example:/home/ubuntu# vi /usr/bin/which
    root@example:/home/ubuntu# unlink /usr/bin/which
    root@example:/home/ubuntu# ln -s /bin/which /usr/bin/which
    root@example:/home/ubuntu# ls -al /usr/bin/which
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 אפר 29 12:24 /usr/bin/which -> /bin/which
    root@example:/home/ubuntu# plesk repair mail -y

    Repairing the mail server configuration
        Reconfiguring all domains and mailboxes ......................... [2022-04-29 12:25:17.469] 2611498:626baefa44ce6 ERR [util_exec] proc_close() failed ['/opt/psa/admin/bin/mchk'] with exit code [1]
        - mchk failed: ==> Checking for: mailsrv_conf_init... fail

    Error messages: 0; Warnings: 0; Errors resolved: 0

    exit status 1
    root@example:/home/ubuntu# rpm -e --nodeps --noscripts which
    rpm: RPM should not be used directly install RPM packages, use Alien instead!
    rpm: However assuming you know what you are doing...
    error: package which is not installed
    root@example:/home/ubuntu# yum install which -y

    Command 'yum' not found, did you mean:

      command 'gum' from snap gum (0.12.0)
      command 'num' from deb quickcal (2.4-1)
      command 'sum' from deb coreutils (8.30-3ubuntu2)
      command 'zum' from deb perforate (1.2-5.1)
      command 'uum' from deb freewnn-jserver (1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-7build1)

    See 'snap info <snapname>' for additional versions.



    Seems like installing 'which' fails.

    Can you suggest a solution?

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