How to deploy Redmine in Plesk




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    Hi! A have already done all instructions but encounter an error:

    Application error

    Rails application failed to start properly

    How can I find out what went wrong?

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @conformist, Hi!

    Please clarify which step you receive this error?

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    @Tsydenov I'm already solve my issue. distro Debian 8.9, problem is:

    ruby 2.4.2 passenger 4.0.53 undefined symbol: rb_thread_blocking_region

    so I setup passenger from here and now it works fine

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    Vacoi (Edited )


    I receive the following error when install bundle:

    • An error occurred while installing ffi (1.9.18), and Bundler cannot continue.
    • Make sure that `gem install ffi -v '1.9.18'` succeeds before bundling.
    • ERROR:rubymng:Command '['/opt/psa/admin/sbin/filemng', 'planner', 'exec', '/var/www/vhosts/', '/bin/bash', '-l', '-c', 'bundle install --path vendor/bundle']' returned non-zero exit status 5


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    Lev Iurev


    was `gem install ffi -v '1.9.18'` succeeds before bundling?

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    I got similar problem when bundle installing redmine 3.4.6.

    bundle install failed at nokogiri.

    • An error occurred while installing nokogiri (1.8.5), and Bundler cannot continue.
    • Make sure that `gem install nokogiri -v '1.8.5' --source ''` succeeds before bundling.

    so I input command in plesk user ssh terminal.

    my server is CentOS7 (AWS EC2), switch plesk user ('su myuser_id') after logged in default 'centos' user.

    -bash-4.2$ gem install nokogiri -v '1.8.5' --source ''
    ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::FilePermissionError)
    You don't have write permissions for the /opt/plesk/ruby/2.4.4/lib64/ruby/gems/2.4.0

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    Artyom Volov

    Hello @colori,

    I have double checked the solution from the article - I successfully installed Remine 3.4.7 using Ruby version 2.4.4.

    However, I was able to reproduce a similar error by trying to install Redmine on the server without an installed component in Tools & Settings > Updates and Upgrades > Web hosting > Tools required for building Ruby gems.

    Please check that this component is installed. In case it is not - install it and try to install Redmine again.

    In case it is already installed - please submit a request to Plesk Support using the link

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    colori (Edited )


    Oh..sorry, I didn't notice first step..

    I noticed user(centos) .rbenv version is symbolic link to /opt/plesk/ruby/, manual install gem.

    $ sudo /opt/plesk/ruby/2.4.4/bin/gem install nokogiri 
    Building native extensions. This could take a while...
    Successfully installed nokogiri-1.8.5
    Parsing documentation for nokogiri-1.8.5
    Installing ri documentation for nokogiri-1.8.5
    Done installing documentation for nokogiri after 13 seconds
    1 gem installed

    As I installed "Tools required for building Ruby gems", another application will have no problem.
    Thanks !!

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    Artyom Volov

    Hi @colori,

    Glad to hear that the issue was resolved!

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