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    Luis Mendieta

    Hi! When can you enable NodeJS 10 on linux servers?

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    Anzhelika Khapaknysh

    Hi @Luis Mendieta,

    Currently, we don't have any particular ETA.

    I'd recommend you following the article to receive notifications.
    Be sure we'll update it as soon as NodeJS 10 for Linux servers is supported.

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    George Petrov

    Please update to at least Node 10 ASAP - all the other node versions are insecure and end of live!

    We can't really use Node on Linux this way.

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    Denis Bykov

    @George Petrov

    There is work in progress on adding the latest Node.js version to Plesk and to drop the ones that reached the end of life.
    The article will be updated when any additional information is available.

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    Damien ThreePounds

    ETA for this ? 


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    Ivan Postnikov


    Right now there is no exact ETA but as soon as there will be additional information, this article will be updated.

    The information after new version being added will be also present at Plesk Change Log.

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    George Petrov

    So the last NodeJS extension update is from 2017 ... are you serious? Do you know how much has changed since then in NodeJS and all old version are already deprecated and end of life...

    This makes it impossible to run any decent NodeJS app on Plesk and make the support of it more a marketing joke then real production ready case.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @George,

    Thank you for the valuable feedback.

    Indeed, current experience with Plesk for professional concentrated on Node.js is far from optimal.

    According to the information I have, the current approach for updating supported Node.js versions is to be changed to be more up to date.

    Please, stay tuned for this article updates and thank you for understanding.

  • Hello,

    If you not see new version Node.JS (10,12) in Plesk , you must reinstall extension Node.JS after that all be fine!

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Евгений,

    Thank you for the comment.

    It may be useful for other Pleskians!

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