Can a separate subscription be created for a subdomain?




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    Jorge Salazar

    Hi Julian,


    Is there any benefit in terms of security to have a subdomain in a different subscription?


    I am asking this because I was wondering if a website gets hacked, would be the hacker able to access the subdomain if it is created inside the same subscription rather than in a different one?





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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Jorge,

    In case of using separate subscriptions, each domain will have it's own system user. In one subscription there's the same system user for all subdomains.

    As a result, if all subdomains are in the same subscription, gaining access to subscription user will provide access to all subdomains, which may be considered as less secure.

    However, the common practice is to have subdomains in the same subscription.

    The following steps are usually sufficient:

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