ASP pages do not work: HTTP Error 404 - Not Found


2017-02-22 23:03:43 UTC


2017-08-11 10:23:27 UTC


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ASP pages do not work: HTTP Error 404 - Not Found

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Windows


  • All .asp pages are not working with the following error:

    HTTP Error 404 - Not Found
  • If enable Failed Requests Tracing under Domains > there is the following error:

    ModuleName    StaticFileModule
    HttpStatus 404
    HttpReason Not Found
    HttpSubStatus 17
    ErrorCode The request is not supported. (0x80070032)
  • Following command doesn't help:

    #"%plesk_dir%\bin\repair.exe" --reconfigure-web-site -web-site-name
  • There is no ASPClassic map script in IIS > > Handler Mappings despite on the fact that ASP support is enabled in Plesk.

  • Manual adding ASPClassic map script does not solve the issue.


Corrupted ASP.NET.


Warning: Perform these actions only if you know what you are doing. Contact your system administrator if required.
  1. Connect to the server using RDP.
  2. Reinstall Application Development feature in Server Manager > Remove Roles and Features > Roles > Web Server(IIS)


If uninstalling the feature is not possible via GUI(checked options are greyed out), use the following PowerShell cmdlets to remove it.:

Remove-Feature -name Web-App-Dev

Then, return to Server Manager and check all the features under 'Application Development' that are required.

Reboot may be required.

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