Plesk upgrade warning: There are accounts with passwords encrypted using a deprecated algorithm




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    Detlef Bracker

    Yes, but again the one hand by plesk does not know, what the other hand do! And about this Plesk will have extra support money, why they let not throu, that customers they pay for their products can contact the support, when plesk has make again bullshit!

    Plesk use their clients as "Shit happens" !!! This is absolut horror!

    Why this:

    The upgrades not installed from many versions why, they have an error about:

    WARNING: There are 12 accounts with passwords encrypted using a deprecated algorithm. Please refer to for the instructions about how to change the password type to plain.

    And know all customers click on this link and get not the right information, why they have in between of 1 day this article to an other site with URL:

    And all customers has now a big problem, to find the correct article!

    The most of vServer customers must pay 30% to 50% more of Plesk-Prices from november last year on! I cant understand, why Plesk will not make their support better!

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    Ivan Postnikov


    Thank you for the feedback and pointing it to our attention.

    The issue was resolved, now link leads to the correct article.

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    Mike Clarke

    The first Query lists 5 shows 5 "deprecated Algorithm" passwords but none of the five following queries identified these (all showed blank results)
    I proceeded with the upgrade to Plesk Onyx and all seems to be ok.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Mike,

    Indeed, this warning does not block an upgrade.

    However, it is recommended to update passwords for such mail accounts.

    Consider creating a support request to investigate the issue deeper.

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