How to customize the WordPress URL that is shown in WordPress Toolkit




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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @tomaz!

    These articles have a different purpose: this one explains how to change access to URL from HTTPS to HTTP and the article you gave the link to explains how to use file different from wp-login.php to log in.

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    Mike de Leeuw

    Hello all,

    Is there a way to renane a url without ssh? Every time tis happens i have to wait untill my server guy is up. Is there a setting i misd from the Wordpress toolkit?

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    Taras Ermoshin

    Hello @Mike de Leeuw!

    There is a way to perform the change described in the article, but for that, you should have access to the Plesk interface under 'admin' user (or additional administrator account). If you don't have such access, then you cannot perform the change on your own and you have to ask the server administrator to do it.

    When logged into Plesk as admin, you can change the URL as follows: go to Tools & Settings > Scheduled Tasks > Add Task and add the following command to the Command field:

    sqlite3 /usr/local/psa/var/modules/wp-toolkit/wp-toolkit.sqlite3 "UPDATE InstanceProperties SET value='' WHERE name='url' AND instanceId IN (SELECT instanceId FROM InstanceProperties WHERE name='url' AND value LIKE '\%/\%')"

    After that, click Run Now to execute the command.

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