Unable to turn on DKIM with SmarterMail


2017-02-20 13:53:09 UTC


2017-08-16 17:02:13 UTC


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Unable to turn on DKIM with SmarterMail

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Windows

Note: This article has the reference to the issue with the fix available:

  • #PPPM-5812 "DKIM settings could not be managed if SmarterMail 14.x or earlier was installed on the server."
    Fixed in:
Please consider updating your server:


DKIM support cannot be enabled in Plesk 17.0:

    • Enabling the option DKIM spam protection at Tools & settings > Mail server settings returns the following error:
    • Enabling Use DKIM spam protection system to sign outgoing email messages at Domains > example.com > Mail settings returns the following error:
      SOAP ERROR: GenerateDKIMCert(server.example.com, 1024, default) failed: Error code 0x803d0013. Error message: The body of the received message contained a fault. Fault reason: Unable to handle request. The action 'http://tempuri.org/GenerateDKIMCert' was not recognized.
        at (WebService::Error::checkResult line 103)
        at generateDKIMKeyPair(default, 1024)(SmarterMail::Common::Domain::generateDKIMKeyPair line 208)
        at execute console command --generate-domain-dkim-key-pair(vconsoleapp::start line 122)
        at execute mailmng.exe --generate-domain-dkim-key-pair "--domain-name=
      server.example.com"(vconsoleapp::run line 139)
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin>mailmng.exe --generate-domain-dkim-key-pair --domain-name=
    • Corresponding DNS records for DKIM are not created under Domains > example.com > DNS settings .

The error appears during Plesk upgrade to 17.0 version:



This is Plesk bug with ID #PPPM-5812 which has been fixed in Plesk Onyx 17.5.


Upgrade to the latest stable available Plesk version.

As a workaround for Plesk 17.0, upgrade SmarterMail to 15.x version.

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