How to rename a domain in Plesk




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    Jan Bludau (Edited )

    [2021-04-12 03:51:21.169] ERR [util_exec] proc_close() failed ['/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/usermng' '--mod-user' '--old-user=bludau-media' '--new-user=bludau-media' '--homedir=/var/www/vhosts/'] with exit code [8]
    An error occurred during domain update: Unable to rename the domain:

    exit status 1

    processes aren't stoped for this domain.


    Error: Unable to rename home of sysuser with id=9: Unable to execute usermng: usermng[279162]: pam_unix(passwd:chauthtok): password changed for bludau-media usermod: user bludau-media is currently used by process 279164
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    Jan Bludau

    suspend all services under the service manager than it works.

    now i've problems with domain ending .io it needs IPv6 Support...

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    DrehPunkt Support (Edited )

    I had the problem that the command does not work.

    The reason was that the domain rename tool of Plesk tries to move files of AWStats - regardless if it's installed or not.
    In my example it was not installed.

    After installing AWStats with the the Plesk Updater tool the command worked fine.


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