How to apply PHP-FPM pool settings for all the domains?




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    Bob B

    In the "Additional information" section example, for calculating the value of pm.max_children, based on web server available RAM...  If we put the resulting number (72 in the example) into "Service Plans > Hosting Plans > service_plan_name > PHP Settings", would that example 72 value be the total server value for the web server, or would it be multiplied for every domain on the "service plan", resulting in a very high number of pm.max_children for the entire server, if there are many domains?

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    Peter Shaw

    I have the same question as Bob B. Each additional domain that is added into a subscription seems to introduce a potential further X child processes.

    Is there a way to limit / allocate total number of child processes across a subscription?

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    Nikita Nikushkin

    Hi @Bob B,

    If 72 children is set up in the service plan settings, then such number of children will be applied to each subscription associated with the corresponding service plan

    I updated article showing that received amount of children (calculated according to the RAM) has to be distributed among all websites hosted on the server

    Moreover, it is required to keep in mind that most popular websites require more children while others, non-popular ones - less

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    Nikita Nikushkin

    Hi @Peter Shaw,

    Indeed, each additional domain created under subscription inherits the same amount of children as it is specified in the subscription PHP settings

    There is no possibility to limit the total number of children per subscription because this limit is set in the domain configuration file while subscription as itself is not domain - it is a Plesk object which include different features (websites, mailboxes, databases, etc)

    As a solution, you can limit the number of domains, e.g. by 5, in subscription resources and set up the number of children to 10 in subscription PHP settings . This way, you will automatically limit the number of children to 50 on the subscription level (if we do not take into account further customizing children number per domain)

    Another way is creating each domain on its separate subscription

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