What ASP.NET versions does Plesk support?




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    Hello sir, I need to host my asp.net core 2.1 project and I am using plesk cpanel. But I found that plesk supports upto mircrosoft .net framework 4.6.2 . And I am not able to host asp.net core project. What shall I do ? Please Help Me?

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    Alexandr Bashurov

    Hello @Diwas,

    Plesk supports .NET Core 1.x and 2.x in addition to the ASP.NET: .NET Core version support in Plesk.

    You may install .NET Core 1.x and 2.0 as components using Plesk installer (they are named as .NET Core Runtime and ASP.NET Core).
    For .NET Core 2.1 and newer it is required to download and install the official runtime and SDK images from the Microsoft website: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download

    After that, it should be possible to host .NET Core applications by uploading the compiled project with the web.config generated by build utilities.

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    Diwas (Edited )

    @Alexandr Bashurov ,the link you have provided is for .net core 2.2.x

    For .net core 2.1 I have already installed

     1).Net Core SDK

      2)..Net Hosting Bundle ie .NET Core Runtime & Hosting Bundle)

    I am successful in publishing and hosting on my local IIS .


    But while I am trying to host and published  on web based Plesk Cpanel then I got below error:

    HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure


    Plz referred to : http://ourtechroom.com/ 

    Here you can see actual problem.

    And why I am getting the error.

    I think my plesk 17.8.11 donot support asp.net core 2.1. Is it true?


    My web based edition's hosting setting looks like this?

    Here I didn't find any asp.net core 2.1 under Dropdown of Microsoft ASP.Net support version.

    Also I have try using unchecking those checkbox then also I am with the same error.

    Please Help :(

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    Anton Maslov

    @Diwas, Plesk just allows to install asp.net core 2.1, but does not allow to manage it via the interface. That's why you cannot see that. You may verify that it is installed using CMD, run the below command:

    dotnet --info

    If installed, follow the official Microsoft troubleshooting guide

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