How to manage firewall rules on a Plesk for Linux server




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    Is it not possible to disable only 1 firewall rule?

    I have a large amount of blocked spammers ip's but recently switched to a paid DNSBL and would like to just deactivate the 1 rule for testing.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hi @Sales,

    It's possible to delete the rule.

    To go Tools&Settings > FIrewall > Modify Plesk Firewall Rules, select the required rule and click Delete:

    Here is a short demonstration:

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    Yes that is possible to delete but not disable. I was looking for a way to deactivate 1 rule temporarily for testing. Because it contains 300+ IP's I would have to add it back 1 ip at a time.  

    I made an extension that allows me to export the rules and then re import for testing.


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