Backups are created with warnings in Plesk: Unable to get attributes of the file u_extend.log




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    Walt Rice

    How is this a reasonable solution?

    (1) We never had this error before.

    (2) We shouldn't have to give up backing up all log files to deal with one warning on one log file.


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    Andrey Ivanov

    Hello Walt,

    The thing is Windows does not allow access to open files from other processes, so Plesk Backup Manager cannot access the file as it is being opened by IIS and error appears. Nevertheless, this is a minor warning, and it can be ignored.

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    Walt Rice

    What was the previous behavior of Plesk backup? These errors are new.

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @Walt, These warnings can appear intermittently, and there is a possibility that previously, you could have faced them as well, however, the backup was not running at the moments when it could have happened.

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