How to set up a WordPress multisite on the Plesk server using subdomains?




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    Chris Fogarty

    Great guide thank you and it almost worked perfectly. For my situation it required using 3. (Set the main website as default virtual host on the IP address) but then I also needed to create a wildcard webspace to get this to work. The wildcard webspace matches the wildcard CName record I created with my DNS manager. (Just sharing in case it helps anyone else)

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    webmaster (Edited )

    A couple of things if you please. We just stood up up two new 17.8 Onyx boxes - pretty much done, pushing a new sites now.

    One brand new wordpress install - went through config and htaccess steps to set it up multisite - that's working as I can see the tables being added when I add a site / make mods, have the users / themes / settings tabs all appearing fine under the subsites. I can sometime get to their dashboards, sometimes not and when going to a subsite url, the main site appears. 

    1) I don't see the top panel in your example, esp. "Webspaces" - and I cannot get the subsites to function correctly as separate domains per your instructions ( - I have the main site just setup as a simple domain, set as the default site on a shared IP - but it was setup as a domain and NOT a webspace (again, I'm not seeing that in 17.8.) I'm on Ubuntu 16.04 if that matters.

    Could not having this setup initially as a WEBSPACE be part of the issue? Do I need to setup AllowOverride All for the directory in our Apache configs or something?... I had a multisite working on Plesk 12.5 ok but have spent hours on this puppy to no avail.

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    Jan van der Mei

    Hi there,

    This document has been altered to allow for WP 4.5+ installs. However you state "Don't be confused by the fact, that you're configuring them as subdomains - you'll remap them later" Where do we do this now? Originally I would use the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin. Thanks in advance.

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    Bato Tsydenov


    Most probably the root cause of the issue is that you are using Service Provider View. In this view there are no such items like Webspace. There are Subscriptions instead.

    And when you created additional domains I suppose they were created in separate subscriptions.

    In this case, you should create additional domains under one subscription. For example:

    1. Create a subscription in Plesk

    2. Go to Subscriptions >

    3. Add the domains(i.e.,, etc.) under this subscription by clicking Add Domain button

    I have modified the article to make it clearer. Thank you for your feedback.

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    Bato Tsydenov

    @Jan van der Mei

    I have checked this in test environment.

    Indeed, Domain mapping tool is not included in Wordpress version 4.9.8. It is necessary to install the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin.

    The article has been modified.

    Thank you for pointing this out.

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    But if I Create additional sites in the Plesk and point their document root to the document root of the main website if I delete the additional site it delete the main root document of main website...

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    Alexandr Zubtsovsky

    On Plesk Onyx 17.8 if the user removes additional website with docroot set as "/httpdocs" the directory of the main site ("httpdocs") will not be removed.

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