How to create a database dump using PHPMyAdmin in Plesk?




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    Norbert Harms

    That's the issue!

    going to

    Domains > > Databases > database_name.

    then click on


    I get presented a login page. No good

    I should be able to login ohoMyAdmin on server wide option from when logged in, I then can easily switch between several databases of the domain.

    The grater issue however is, Not only am I presented with a login page as administrator but also as a "Client". Imagine, a client wanting to work in phpMyadmin and can't get global access.

    Why isn't there a similar option like in WHM (makes DB work so much easier and time-saving!



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  • Hi JuJue Holistic Wellness,

    Then you have an issue in that Plesk server since if you're logged in to Plesk as Admin (or Client), when clicking on the phpMyAdmin button you automatically log in to it.

    If you're still having such problem, please open a ticket so it can be investigated properly.

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