How to configure Apache to process PHP code inside an .html file on a Plesk server




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    Manfred Beck

    The php.ini file is located in /var/www/vhosts/system/ so should there be a php.ini in /conf beside the httpd.conf, I am a little annoyed ;-)

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Manfred, thank you for notice. The article was updated.

    Additionally, since update 32 of Plesk 17.5 it is possible to apply solution via Plesk GUI

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    Sangeetha Kannaiyan (Edited )

    Hi Sir,

          Am unable to use php tags inside a html page in plesk server.

    Below is my server config:

    Apache 2.4.6

    php 7.0.30


    Plese guide me how to resolve the issue.



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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hi @Sangeetha Kannaiyan!

    Let me know, which version of Plesk is installed?

    It may be checked by the command "plesk -v" or at Plesk Panel home page.

    Have you tried to instructions from this article?  

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