How to exclude specific files/directories or domains from a backup in GUI?




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    Marco Marsala (Edited )



    Too, the trailing wildcard is mandatory?

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    Andrey Ivanov

    Hello Marco,

    Please use relative paths only (means that values should not begin with "/"). As for asterisk symbol, it is mandatory if you want to exclude all files in a specific directory, otherwise, it will not work without *.

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    Marco Marsala

    So, please correct the description of option "Exclude specific files from the backup" in Plesk UI because it says to use the leading slash:

    "You can only exclude files within webspaces. Specify the path or paths relative to the webspace root, separating individual files with commas. Using the mask symbol is allowed (e.g. /somedir/log*)."

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    Nikolay Zhmuk (Edited )

    @Marco Marsala I double checked it on my test and it works in both ways: with leading slash and without it. Relative path should be specified inside webspace directory(e.g. /var/www/ For example, there is some subdirectory like /var/www/example/subdir/ and it is required to exclude the files inside of this subdirectory, the path you have to specify during backup creation is /subdir/* (or subdir/*) 

    The article has been update with additional details.

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    Marco Marsala



    exclude files and folders in



    Sorry but I'm doubt about the syntax.

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    Konstantin Annikov (Edited )


    I you'd like to exclude all files from all cahce dirrectories, you can use the following regexp:

    CONFIG_TEXT: **/cache/**

    and here is come technical exaplanation:

    * in the end of string transforms into .*

    * in all other places transforms into [^/]*

    ** in all places transforms into .*

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    Pera Burek

    how to exclude folder from backup and all sub-folders

    I want to exclude "/domain.tld/httpdocs/folder1/sub1/sub2/sub3/sub4/sub5"

    how can I exclude all 5 subfolders without writing 5 different rules?

    it is especially important, because folders are dynamically created with random names, so it is impossible to think ahead

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    Alexander Tsmokalyuk


    To exclude all subfolders with names starting with "sub" from folder 1, the following line can be used:




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