How to install/remove additional PHP versions provided by Plesk




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    Hywel Jones

    Hi - this is all fine for the FPM and CGI versions but how do you install the latest PHP-CLI builds?  I need these for running symphony etc apps.

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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi @Hywel Jones,

    PHP-CLI should be there when you install it as additional component via Plesk. For example, on Debian 9:

    # apt search php-cli
    Sorting... Done
    Full Text Search... Done
    php-cli/stable,stable 1:7.0+49 all
    command-line interpreter for the PHP scripting language (default)
    php-cli-prompt/stable,stable 1.0.2+dfsg-1 all
    tiny helper prompting for user input
    plesk-php70-cli/stretch,now 7.0.32-debian9.0.18091413 amd64 [installed]
    Command-line interface for PHP
    plesk-php71-cli/stretch,now 7.1.22-debian9.0.18091413 amd64 [installed]
    Command-line interface for PHP
    plesk-php72-cli/stretch,now 1:7.2.10-debian9.0.18091411 amd64 [installed]
    Command-line interface for PHP

    # dpkg-query -L plesk-php72-cli

    So all binaries are located at /opt/plesk/php/7.2/bin/ (for PHP 7.2). This is actual for other operation systems as well.

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    Hywel Jones

    @ Alexandr Shadrin

    Thanks - that all works fine now - for some reason the day I made the query I was getting the PHP FPM version afting setting PATH=/opt/plesk/php/7.2/bin:$PATH and typing php -v - my Laravel artisan commands were failing with weird errors. Today it is all good !

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    Richie Tjin (Edited )

    How can I donwload PHP 7.4?

    I have the newest Plesk version:

    Plesk Obsidian 18.0.21 Update 4 has been installed

    PHP 7.4 is not showing

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    Anzhelika Khapaknysh

    Hi @Richie Tjin,

    I've just checked it on Ubuntu 18 with Plesk Obsidian and it shows for me. 
    Please try one more time.

    Note: php 7.4 isn't supported on CentOS 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, and CloudLinux 6.

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    Anzhelika Khapaknysh and Debian 8 ? 

    Can't install atm. 

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    Denis Bykov


    I has it in Plesk Obsidian 18.0.23 on Debian 8:

    Select the components you want to install:
    1. [=] PHP 7.4
    2. [=] PHP 7.3
    3. [ ] PHP 7.2
    4. [ ] PHP 7.1
    5. [ ] PHP 7.0

    Try to update Plesk to 18.0.23, if still isn't:

    # plesk installer upgrade 18.0.23
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    Fred 👨‍💻

    So - I too am wanting PHP 7.4

    Thanks to Denis from above, I note that I can manually upgrade plesk using command line. 


    I'm left wondering why I can't see an upgrade being offered on the web interface? 

    Also the command to upgrade that is listed. Isn't working for me. 

    Error: `ERROR: Selector 'PLESK_18_0_28' does not match any product ID, release ID, release tier, or release version. Use either 'list' or 'list-all' command to list known entities.`

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    Anton Maslov

    It might be because operating system you have does not support 18 version. Please check for supported operating systems:

    Another reason might be custom repository, please check if it so using this article.

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