Plesk shows error: Call to undefined method pm_Context::getBuyUrl() or Call to undefined method pm_Domain::getIpAddresses()




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    Permanently Deleted User

    Seriously??? Isnt there a workaround? I would have to redo the custom nginx configs...

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    Alexandr Tumanov


    This function was implemented in Plesk Onyx only and the action you are trying to do is not compatible with the current version. I suppose that you are trying to install an unsupported extension. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

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    Marc van Bekkum

    I disaggree, Lets enrypt works fine on allmost all my domains (30+ domains) on Plesk 12.5. I only had this problem on one domain. I'm still figuring out why... :(

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    Konstantin Annikov (Edited )

    Hi Marc, 

    What error appears in web interface? Maybe you can provide a screenshot? 

    I am asking as there is possibility that the error appeared on your server is not exact error from this article. 

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    Stefan Warnat


    I get exactly this problem, too. 4 of my Domains from ~90 show this error during renewal.

    After really intensive searching I found the reason and I'm absolutely sure this also is the problem in your case:

    Some weeks/months ago, LetsEncrypt started to use IPv6 for validation.
    Problem was, the IPv6 Address I configured in DNS Server doesn't match with IPv6 address from Plesk.
    After I correct DNS server, this problem was gone.

    But on long term we really should plan to update to Onyx. There are some interesting features ;)



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    Lev Iurev

    @Stefan  yep, Plesk Onyx is cool)

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