What domains are counted for a Plesk license domain limit?




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    I'm wondering the following, I currently use the Plesk Web pro Edition on my Ubuntu servers which has an 30 domains limit. For my customers I create subdomains for my website, which I add in Plesk as domain (but would work as subdomain) (I add it as an domain so I can give it it's own customer), in the domain list it gets detected as 'website'. Does this counts as domain with the domain limit too? Since it technically isn't an actual domain but an subdomain. 

    Thank you!


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    Lev Iurev

    @Thijs  If you created it as domain in Plesk so it will be counted as domain.

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    Ok! Thank you! Will probably upgrade to Web host edition soon than ;) 

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    Luis Zubeldia

    Sub domains craeted via API are counted as another domain. why?

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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi @Luis Zubeldia!

    I was not able to reproduce this behavior, using Web Admin license with 10 domains limit I create more then 15 sub-domains  with the following API query:


    Could you let me know the Plesk version in case the issue is actual with the same API request?

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    Luis Zubeldia

    theses Subdomains have their own subscriptions. seems that they are counted as fulll domain for licence.


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    Bato Tsydenov

    @Luis Zubeldia

    Could you please clarify what API request you use to create a subdomain?

    Also, may I know Plesk version you are running? 

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