How to secure a Plesk server




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    How to Switch off Perl and Python?

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    Robert Asilbekov

    @Semih Perl and Python support can be switched off either on a domain level via Home > Domains > "DOMAIN_NAME" > Hosting settings or via Home > Service Plans > "SERVICE_PLAN_NAME" > Hosting parameters



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    Prime Concepts

    I notice a lot of hosting providers i work with tend to send out a notification if a user wordpress site is out of date. What would be a good rule of thumb to make sure all the of the version of wordpress users are running doesnt cause security risks?

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    Ivan Postnikov

    @Prime Concepts

    In Plesk via WordPress Toolkit it is possible to configure auto-update of WordPress instances. It is also possible to conduct a security check to security issues. More information may be found in Documentation article.

    To automatically update Themes and Plugins use this article.

    WordPress update email notifications can be enabled/disabled through the option Tools & settings > Notifications.

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