How to prepare the instance with ColdFusion site for upgrade to Onyx




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    Andor Admiraal (Edited )

    Can you please clarify if some strange language choices are simply typo's, which it seems like, or not? The link between ColdFusion and CloudFlare seems completely illogical to me.

    1. Why should the file be called cloudfusion.xml rather than coldfusion.xml?

    2. Why do we need to put the installation path to CloudFlare in the registraty key for ColdFusion?

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    Nikolay Zhmuk

    2 Andor


    Yes, that was a typo.

    I have updated the article, thanks for your cooperation.

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    Andor Admiraal

    Great Nikolay! I've just tried it, and it worked like a charm. I managed to do an upgrade from 12.5 to Onyx and we kept our websites running. It turned out to be a pretty smooth upgrade overall, compliments!

    Unfortunately, our company decided to phase out Plesk completely because of the lack of ColdFusion support. For now, we'll stick with version 12.5 until we find an alternative. One option we'll look into is developing plugin for Plesk that will bring some of the functionality of Plesk 12.5 to Onyx. If we succeed, we'll be sure to post a link.

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    Vitaly Zhidkov

    @Andor, even that Plesk Onyx no longer supports ColdFusion does not mean that ColdFusion will not work on Plesk server. This only means that in will not be manageable from Plesk. However it will work fine and can be managed from ColdFusion console

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    Andor Admiraal

    Yeah, seems like it. With the above trick all sites become ColdFusion enabled, which in our case is fine. One of the major added values of Plesk for us though, is having a simple place and procedure to set DSNs and manage databases though. Now that is no longer possible with Plesk the value is diminished, so Onyx for us is effectively a downgrade. But we'll stick it out for now and see if we can create a plugin for Plesk to bring back this functionality.

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