How to upgrade PHP by OS vendor on CentOS 7?




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    Robert (Edited )

    why still use PHP 7.0 instead of 7.2?

    Once centos is updated, why is the  /admin/php-handler/list still showing the old 5.4.x OS under PHP setting?

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    Robert Asilbekov


    1) The PHP 7.0 was provided for an example. You may change it from 'remi-php70' to 'remi-php72' 

    2) After the PHP was updated you may run the following commands to change the name displayed under PHP settings:

    # plesk bin php_handler --update -id cgi -displayname "7.0.32 by OS vendor"

    # plesk bin php_handler --update -id fastcgi -displayname "7.0.32 by OS vendor"

    # plesk bin php_handler --update -id fpm -displayname "7.0.32 by OS vendor"

    # plesk bin php_handler --update -id module -displayname "7.0.32 by OS vendor"

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    Greate, this change the PHP OS version under Plesk.

    What will happen when the server OS updates this php verion? .... will the defined Version under Plesk stay fixed?


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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi, @Robert.

    Displayname defined through php_handler utility should not be re-defined by system updates.

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