Can't login to Plesk Panel with system user credentials




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    Ds Thom

    I have a problem in that I recorded the system user accounts and did not get to entering any users into the admin panel once logged on.  Computer froze, had to hard reboot and now I cannot get into the admin panel.  What would be the default credentials used to get me in the first time?  Also, since I did not manually enter a user or credentials I don't know how to use the "forgot password".  I tried my azure account email address and user but that did not work either.

    How can I get into the panel without starting over in azure (delete vm and build new one)?

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    Artyom Baranov

    @Ds Thom,

    Hi! Please check the article How to retrieve/reset a password of the "admin" user in Plesk for Linux? 

    In the Additional Information section, you may also find the instruction for Windows.

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