Domain or subdomain creation over API using PHP script error: 502 Bad Gateway or 503 Service Unavailable




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    Rubén Nogueira

    Biggest problem is in webspace creation. You can add more requests like create a database, a user for it, and everything runs successfully, but it returns error 502.

    Changing PHP handler does not work. Assigning another customer does not work and running php from CLI is not a good solution in my case, it is better in this case to make an AJAX request and not handle the error

    Any other idea? Will it be solved in the future or will it remain that way?

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    Nick Plekhov

    Hello @Rubén Nogueira

    If I understood you correctly you are trying to create a new webspace by running a PHP script executed on another webspace.

    In this case, error 502 is expected as Apache is restarted to apply new configuration.
    I suggest you increase the Apache restart interval at Plesk > Tools & Settings > Apache Web Server to the value greater than required for script execution. I suggest to set this value to 600 and gradually increase it if this value will not be enough.

    We do not support described scenario - creation of the webspace by running PHP script from another webspace - so there are no plans for the fix.

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