Does Plesk support glue records?




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    Jens L.

    the Answer is unintelligible, it is not possible to add this on Plesk DNS Settings or DNS Template ....

    ns1.<domain> as NS dont accept <domain> IN NS ns1.<domain> as value ....

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Jens L.

    Usually this works fine on Plesk servers, see the screenshot form my test server:


    If the issue is still actual, submit a request to technical support directly to us or to our partner, depending on where the Plesk license was purchased.

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    Bragi Austfjörð (Edited )

    I have 3 IP's that I would like to use for my DNS name server and 2 of them I have for ns1 and ns2, for the 3rd IP I would like to have 3rd 

    After I have created NS record and A record for the 3rd name server I get this at

    NS records got from your name servers listed at the parent NS are:  ['123.456.789.1']   [TTL=86400]  ['123.456.789.2']   [TTL=86400]  [] (NO GLUE)   [TTL=86400] <---- Take a look at this, it says that there is NO GLUE. Can someone explain this to me why I am unable to have 3 name servers. 

    NOTE: At there's no option for me to create GLUE RECORDS.
    And yes I have added the 3rd IP for the name servers DNS Settings and added the 3rd IP to IP Addresses.

    What can I do to fix this. Please assist me on this.


    Thanks for your time :)

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