Is it possible to create an Add-on service plan with Plesk Multi Server?




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    Nucleus Inc. NOC

    I dont understand why we need to vote on a missing feature that should never have been removed in the first place.

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    Nucleus Inc. NOC

    Thanks, I was the one who created that.  but i still don't understand why we need to create a feature request for a bug/missing feature that needs to exist.


    there is a bug report on why this is not working EXTPMS-1128 ... so why is the bug not being fixed, and why does it need a feature request to get fixed?

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    Ivan Postnikov

    @Nucleus Inc. NOC

    The bug EXTPMS-1128 occures only when add-on was created before the server become Management Node. Multi-Server is recommended to be installed on clean Plesk servers.Currently there no exact ETA for this issue resolution.

    Feature request is needed to indicate that particular feature is needed. The feature popularity increases the chances of feature to be implemented soon. Thank you for creating one.

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