How to integrate Yola with a billing solution that would work through API with Plesk?




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    about Billing Integration for enom "Plesk integration" as,

    can we use it eNom integration on our Plesk panel to sell domain names and manage our eNom account ?

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @Info-cg, Hi!

    Can you please provide more details on what you want to achieve and the way you want to achieve that?

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    please look
    eNom told us that eNom software is useful in your Plesk panel as:
    title [Plesk integration]
    *Connect your billing system to our business account
    *Set pricing and sell domain names from several domain name extensions
    *Choose, manage and sell SSL certificates
    *Download the extension to take advantage of these features

    we have own eNom account and are using own Plesk server in AWS service,
    how do we use/connect that eNom software to our admin Plesk panel?
    but eNom support said they cannot advice us about this issue.


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    Konstantin Annikov


    Am I understand you correctly, that you want to integrate Plesk with eNom? 

    If so, I can suppose that you are speaking about an extension by eNom:

    Here is its description: 

    This addon allows your customers to participate in the launch of new 
    TLDs. Customers can build Watchlists to keep updated on new TLDs or
    specific domain names. As new TLDs launch, they can place orders and
    you earn commissions from their Watchlist on each launch phase
    including: Sunrise, Landrush, and Pre-Registration.

    Once installed, you can customize which launch phases and new TLDs
    are offered via your reseller account at This addon requires
    an eNom reseller account to function. If you don't have an account,
    sign up at

    But as I can see, eNom stopped maintaining it as last version of extension was published in 2013 (for Plesk 11.0). 

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    > If so, I can suppose that you are speaking about an extension by eNom:

    I see, it seems that will give us [The New TLDs Extension for Parallels Plesk Panel is a free],
    but you think eNom currently does not provide it for Plesk panel.
    if so, now we cannot use that their extension file by tha [Download the Addon] botton link on ?

    it botton link is providing the download file of:
    or can you test to download this download file to install in your test Plesk panel  "Extension" menu for their "New TLD Portal Settings"?


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    Bulat Tsydenov

    @Info-cg, the extension at the link you provided is not working in any Plesk version. And I did not find any updated version on eNom side. So, I'm afraid you won't be able to use this extension.

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