How to prevent hotlinking graphics from the domain?




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    Thomas Kim

    Hi after changing the settings, other people cannot access the images files in my domain?

    But I have tried to, I can still view it even after hard reload and clear cache. I followed the steps in Linux, and I have check my domain is using Nginx. 

    Did I do anything wrong? 😔

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    Daria Gavrilova

    Hello @Thomas Kim,

    Thank you for your question.

    I double checked provided steps on the test environment and found that images will not be available in case if nginx is enabled, but the Serve static files directly by nginx option is disabled.

    So it is highly recommended to double check that Serve static files directly by nginx option is enabled on Home > Domains > > Apache & nginx Settings page.

    If the option is enabled and the issue still can be seen, the most probable cause of the issue is that the domain has mixed content.
    To check it, please follow steps from the next article: The site opens with warning: This content should also be served over HTTPS

    If no issues are found there as well, please submit a request to Plesk Technical Support: How to submit a request to Plesk support?

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