How to connect to a Plesk server using SSH/RDP


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How to connect to a Plesk server using SSH/RDP

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux
  • Plesk for Windows

Table of contents


  • On Linux, you can use Terminal application. This application is available in every distributive.
  • MacOS X also has installed by default. 
  • For Windows, you can use PuTTY to do remote SSH logins from Windows. You can download PuTTY for free.

Connecting to a Linux server

The most simple way to login to Linux Server is using a password as an authentication mechanism. Check the information below to learn how to login to a Linux server using a username and private key.

Login from Linux or MacOS X with a password

Linux, MacOS X and most UNIX variants have SSH installed by default, you don't need to install any additional packages.

To login to a Linux server using ssh use the following command:

$ ssh username@server

Another way to login is using the -l option for username :

$ ssh server -l username

In case you need to access a server that is not using SSH default port (22), you can specify an SSH server port number using -p option. In the example below the SSH port is 2222.

$ ssh server -l username -p 2222

Here is an example of a connection to the server using username root.

$ ssh -l root
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 90:8c:7d:f8:ae:1a:09:60:44:08:3b:d9:c9:f7:c4:76.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.'s password: 

The warning above is shown if you are connecting to the server for the first time. The SSH client will check the authenticity of the server by checking the SSH fingerprinting. Since this is first time connection, SSH does not have any record of this server fingerprint and wil ask you whether you want to trust this server or not. You can type yes on the question above and input your password.

If you have logged into this server before and you get this message again there are several possibilities that could happen :

  • Your server is reinstalled and of course the SSH fingerprint changed.
  • Your server compromized or someone act as man in the middle (MITM), so instead of connecting to the real server you are connecting to the MITM machine.
  • Wrong change on DNS records entry so you are connecting to the wrong server.

Login with a private key on Linux or MacOS X

For a private key login, use the following command:

$ ssh -i keyfile username@server

The -i option will tell SSH which private key to use.

Login from Windows with a password

For this, it is required to download Putty client and run it.

  1. Enter the server's address, this can be a hostname or IP Address


  2. If you login to this server for the first time you will get a security alert regarding server fingerprint. If you are sure that you're connecting to the right server you can click Yes


  3. Input your username and password to login.


Connecting to a Windows server

Login from Windows

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click Run… or press Win+R
  3. Type “mstsc” and press the Enter key.
  4. Type in the IP address of your server
  5. Click Connect.
  6. If all goes well, you will see the Windows login prompt.
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