Unable to restore backup: not well-formed (invalid token)




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    Laurent Ah Koon

    do not work for me. 


    Erreur: /opt/psa/PMM/rsessions/20181016194718687/dump/info.xml:2908:23: not well-formed (invalid token)


    But I wonder: Do I have to put a new password in clear? or how to generate a password?

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    Bato Tsydenov

    @Laurent Ah Koon

    Please make sure that all the changes are made in file /var/lib/psa/dumps/backup_info_XXX.xml(where XXX is corresponding timestamp).

    As for the password, you need to change it to any other password.

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    Laurent Ah Koon (Edited )

    ok right now i have this:  /opt/psa/PMM/rsessions/20181018190700191/dump/info.xml:2916:21: not well-formed (invalid token)


    On line 2916 


    do which path? 

    All my websites are on /var/www/vhosts/client_main_domain

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    Laurent Ah Koon

    Ok I've found the error. It came from dropbox backup. I deleted all related lines from dropbox and it's ok


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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi @Laurent Ah Koon.

    Thanks for sharing!

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