Domain's content got lost after changing the hosting type to forwarding




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    Sam Sadtler

    I currently have a domain which is set to "No web hosting". I need to add an SSL certificate and thus I want to change my hosting type to "forwarding > Frame Forwarding", but I am particularly concerned about the warning message mentioned above. There are several aliases which are on my domain and subdomains like which I do not want to be deleted. Do I need to be concerned about losing the subdomains and aliases? 

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    Artyom Baranov

    @Sam Sadtler

    Hello! It's not clear how a subdomain for a "No hosting" website was created because a subdomain uses home directory of the domain (which does not exist in case of "No hosting"). However, here are some scenarios that may be helpful:

    1. Hosting type cannot be changed in case a domain has a subdomain

    2. When changing Hosting type, aliases remain intact.

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