Migration fails: Subscription already exists on target server


2016-12-19 06:59:00 UTC


2017-08-19 03:09:18 UTC


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Migration fails: Subscription already exists on target server

Applicable to:

  • Plesk Onyx for Windows
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows

Note: This article has the reference to the issue with the fix available:

  • #PMT-3351 "Migration of additional users associated with a subscription was performed incorrectly. As a result, the corresponding subscription could fail to migrate."
    Fixed in:
Please consider updating your server:


  • Migration fails with an error:
Failed to deploy subscription 'example.com'
Migration for that subscription is considered completely failed. No further actions are performed for it.
Migration tools tried to perform operation in 3 attempts: Unable to create subscription 'example.com'.
Subscription already exists on target server: most probably it was created at the previous attempt,
but migration tools are not sure if it was created correctly.
It is recommended to:
1) Resolve the original issue that caused subscription creation to fail,
delete subscription, and then run migration again.
2) Ensure that created subscription is fine, or the original issue is minor,
then simply run migration for that subscription again.
  • There are Plesk system user and mail account user have the same name ( johndoe and johndoe@example.com ) and mail account user is allowed to login to Plesk on the source server.
  • Auxiliary users created with invalid subscriptionDomainId on a target server:
mysql> select login, subscriptionDomainId from smb_users where login like "%johndoe%";
| login | subscriptionDomainId |
| johndoe@example.com  | -1 |


This is software issue #PMT-3351


As a workaround, change name of Plesk system user johndoe to make it different from mail user on the source server.

Make sure that there are no left Windows system user on the target server (johndoe*) on the target server in Windows Users and Groups

Create PSA database backup . R emove orphaned records from PSA database in psa.smb_users tables.

Migrate the subscription again.

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