How to manage the default mailbox size in Plesk with Web Admin edition?




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    Mario De Vita

    I applied the command but in the panel there is always the default limit. How can I fix it?

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    Konstantin Annikov


    There is not enough symptoms to analyze the issue. That is why it is needed to narrow down it:  

    Please enable debug logging for Plesk using one of this articles: 

    - For Windows:

    - For Linux


    Then execute the command mentioned in this KB:

     plesk bin subscription_settings --update -mbox_quota 100M

    After that try to analyze the output or send it to us here for analyzing. 

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    Manuel Kälin

    Note: default value for subscription is inherited from its service plan

    Am I wrong or does this KB not belong to "Web Admin Edition"?

    Then Please tell me where to find subscriptions and service plans?

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    Robert Asilbekov

    @Manuel Kälin

    That notice is for cases when the license was downgraded to "Web Admin Edition"

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    Martin Schenk

    if i do:

    plesk bin subscription_settings -u  -mbox_quota 9GB

    i get:

    SUCCESS: Update of domain '' completed.

    When i now got to Mail -> Email Addresses

    i get: the specified limit is invalid.

    when i do now in command line as root:

    plesk bin subscription_settings --info

    i get:

    mbox_quota                     0 KB             Mailbox size


    So it looks like that the server mailbox_quota has to be >= like a subscription/somin mailbox_quota

    What do i have to do to change the mbox_quota for the subscription?

    I tried:

    plesk bin subscription_settings  -mbox_quota -1

    But that doesn't work


    Thanks in advance, Martin


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    Martin Schenk

    i had to change firts the server mailbox_quota, which was set to 0.

    it worked with this manual:


    Regards, Martin

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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi, @Martin!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Manuel Kälin


    I can't see this information...

    Please explain. thx

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    Bato Tsydenov

    @Manuel Kälin

    As you know there are no Service plans in Web Admin Edition.

    When you add a new domain Plesk creates a webspace for it(webspace is equivalent of subscription in Web Pro and Web Host Editions)

    The default mailbox quota for any webspace in Web Admin Edition is unlimited.

    You can check all the default settings for a webspace with the command:

    plesk bin subscription_settings --info

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