Migration fails if wait_timeout value in MySQL is too small


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2017-08-08 13:22:19 UTC


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Migration fails if wait_timeout value in MySQL is too small

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.5 for Linux
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows


1. One of the following symptoms may appear:

1.1 Migration fails with the following error in info.log :

Detected problems 
└ Client 'user'
  └ Subscription 'example.com'
    └ error: Customer 'user' does not exist in source or in destination panel, subscription will not be transferred.
Create the customer with such login manually.

1.2 Migration does not show any error at all and finishes with the following status:

Not started [select subscriptions to migrate]

2. In both cases the following entry can be found in debug.log :

|D|MT|core.runners.base||source|stderr: [629582]: 2016-12-25 18:42:42 DEBUG New connection: mysql DBI connection. db psa, user admin, host localhost

3. A custom wait_timeout value can be found in /etc/my.cnf on the source server:

# cat /etc/my.cnf | grep 'wait_timeout'


Not sufficient wait_timeout value.

This behavior is recognized as a bug with id #PMT-3297 and will be fixed in one of the future Plesk updates.


  1. If there is wait_timeout value in /etc/my.cnf :

  2. Open /etc/my.cnf with text editor and change wait_timeout value to 28800 .

  3. Restart MySQL:

        # service mysqld restart
  4. If there is no wait_timeout in etc/my.cnf or MySQL restart should be avoided, set this value directly in MySQL:

    Mysql [psa]> set @@GLOBAL.wait_timeout = 28800;

    Note: After the next MySQL restart, wait_timeout value will be applied from /etc/my.cnf if it exists there or will be set to default if does not.

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