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PHP settings are not changed after successful synchronization with the service plan




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    Effet B


    The php settings are synchronized this way but not the apache and nginx directive. It is working when I add a subscription and select the service plan, but if later I update the apache and nginx config in the service plan, the synchronization is not updating the apache and nginx settings.

    I tried to repair the config vi CLI but with no luck.

    Is there something else to configure on the service plan ?

    Thank you

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    What a shame: why does Plesk offer 1000s of KB-Articles related to the synchronization and you still describe how to manually try to fix the bugs.

    Even your

    Synchronization Failed

    errors are useless any annoying:
    Property: Hosting performance settings management
    Subscription value: PHP settings were customized
    » of course, here we expect the explicit properties which are 'invalid'
    Plan value: PHP settings must be synchronized with the plan.
    » isn't that obvious?
    Available value: PHP settings were customized
    » of course, here we expect the explicit properties which are 'invalid'

    Why does Plesk not just offer an "Enforce Synchronisation" button?
    If you say: "It's not that easy!"
    Then: why don't you write a smart Syncrhonisation function which offers a list to the user and then he can select the action.

    Kind regards,

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