Unable to connect to Plesk via SFTP: Authentication failed: Failed to connect to system bus: Permission denied




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    Let me elaborate on my situation.

    I'm trying to setup individual user key files.

    I setup the root user with zero issue.

    Plesk does not create a /home/user directory, so I can't put the key files for users in their own folder.

    Using command line only on my other Ubuntu server without Plesk installed I am able to correctly configure the server to use individual key files @ /home/user/.ssh in about 1 minute for each user.

    Using Plesk I am unable to do so after 2 hours of research.


    This is not why I'm getting the error. I have already setup the user account exactly as shown here and still continue to get the "Could not connect to server" error. Yes, passwords have been checked a million times and I can login directly to Plesk with the password that fails on SFTP.

    This "help" article is akin to, "You figure it out yourself".

    So, please elaborate on other causes.

    We're all waiting, paying money for something that isn't working at all. We don't like to pay for non-working tech. Should we all switch to cPanel?


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    Xyonet Hosting

    This option is not available at my license level, but remote users fail authentication.  ftp from localhost works fine.  It makes no sense in any way shape or form since other users can login just fine

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