Migration fails: Panel Migrator failed to connect to RPC Agent


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Migration fails: Panel Migrator failed to connect to RPC Agent

Applicable to:

  • Plesk Onyx for Windows
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows


  • Migration fails with the following output in Plesk UI:
Panel Migrator failed to connect to RPC Agent running on '' server.
RPC Agent is required for communication between current server and '' server
  • RPC Agent is installed and running on the source server.


Network issue: required ports for migration are closed by application or hardware firewall


  1. Follow the steps that migration tool suggests in the output:

    1. Check that there are no firewall rules blocking connections to 10155 port on from that server.
    Make sure you could connect to the source server by 10155 port with "telnet" utility running on that server.
    2. Check that agent is running on the source server (panel-migrator-rpc-agent.exe process)
    and listening on 10155 port. If it does not, try to start 'panel-migrator-rpc-agent.exe',
    which is usually installed to "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\\panel-migrator\\rpc-agent\\". If it is still not running -
    investigate debug.log and info.log files on server
    (which are usually located at"%SYSTEMDRIVE%\\panel-migrator\\rpc-agent\\ directory).
    3. Try to upload RPC Agent installation package to the server and run it manually.

    The instructions on how to run RPC Agent manually can be found in this article .

  2. Use telnet utility to ensure that all the ports listed below are accessible:

    TCP ports 135, 139, 445 and UDP ports 137, 138 on both source and destination.
    TCP port 1433 for MS SQL, if it is uses.
    UDP port 1434 and all (or manually selected) TCP ports for MS SQL.
    TCP port 10155 on the source server.
    TCP port 10156 for rsync server.
    TCP port 8443 on both source and destination.
    TCP ports 110, 143 for POP3 and IMAP, on source and target servers.

    Here is an example of telnet utility usage:
    C:\> telnet <source server IP> <Port number>
  3. Configure any firewall (local for network one) that may affect communication between the source and target servers, or temporarily disable them if it does not restrict your security requirements. Enable them back once the migration is finished.

Additional Information

Migration cannot be started: Panel Migrator failed to install RPC Agent

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