How to turn off Sender Rewriting Scheme support ?




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    METANET Support

    is there something similar for qmail?

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    Vitaly Zhidkov

    @METANET, SRS in Plesk Onyx is available for postfix only.

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    when could it be implemented?

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    Natalia Astashenko

    @GravuTrad There is no ETA for a possibility to disable SRS in Plesk interface so far. Please subscribe to the article to get a notification when the bug is fixed.

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    John MacKenzie

    I started getting the warning: read tcp map reply  error today. adding the -s and restarting the process does not seem to stop it from occurring

    If I restart the process it seems stable for about 5 minutes

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    Alisa Kasyanova


    I have just replied to your comment in another article. Please check SELinux if you use CentOS, and if it does not help, feel free to submit a request to our support.

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